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Achievements: 10.000+ students trained in innovation methods, 500+ inventions screened, 500+ prototypes built, 60+ license agreements across the team

Main responsibilities: advise and facilitate students, citizen inventors, and entrepreneurs in innovation methods and tools in and outside the prototype lab, furthermore commercializing ideas at the Inventor Advisory Service (


Prototype lab, workshop facilitation






By utilizing my background from industrial design, I was key in managing a prototype workshop at DTI, where individuals and organisations get help in how to work tangible with innovation. 

By using the methodology of build- measure-learn, I have facilitated 100+ workshops in how to use digital and physical tools to create prototypes that communicate the core experience of an idea. 


Art driven innovation

Together with Arken Museum of Modern Art, I was in charge of creating a program where students were taught to combine art and innovation methods. The combination of letting art ask important ethical questions, and innovative methods answering these was very interesting, and as far as I know quite a unique collaboration. 

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