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Product Manager

As Product Manager at the center for Sustainable Ideation at the Danish Technological Institute I explore and implement digital and tangible innovation methods in the focus area of: backend - toolbox, method cards such as interview guides and experiment protocols, frontend - in the prototype lab as part of the design thinking processes, outside the building - advisor for inventors, entrepreneur and organizations on the creation and commercialization of ideas. Selected clients: HK, Rigspolitiet, DTU, Copenhagen Capacity, IDA-Engineer the future, ITK Lab, Arken, KEA, Muskelsvindfonden


Innovation methods

Place of work





By creating digital and analogue frameworks for innovation - including interview guides, assumption exercises and experiment protocols - various clients have implemented practical methods for driving innovation projects.  

One project was about transforming the innovation culture across a large organisation. With a hackaton event based on design thinking principles we introduced tangible user driven methods to ensure pilot success. 


Among other method cards, the Experiment Protocol is a tangible way to manage innovation experiments. 


Tangibility matters

In a time where change is a part of our daily life we need creative new ways to operate. Large organisations and startups alike need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in user behavior and navigate in a shifting market.

With a focus on continously mapping user insights, we enhance reflection within the organisation and empower productive thinking in teams.  

By using digital and tangible method cards the mindset shifts towards a space of daring, where success and failure are both aspects of learning and moving forward. 

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