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Medical Packaging for all

Medical Packing for all, is the title of my Master's Thesis at the Royal Danish

Academy, for which the goal was to provide nurses and other central end-users a better experience when dosing medicine. The solution was developed through user insights from relevant stakeholders and rapid prototyping methods and in close collaboration with medical packaging manufacturer Nolato Cerbo. 

Type of project

Design research, industrial design


Nolato Cerbo



Medicin 042.jpg

Due to a stressful environment with many interruptions, errors in dosing medicine is a major problem. The current medical packaging is not helping healthcare professionals 

dose accurate and fast. 

Therefore I conducted a design research project with etnographical probes, interviewing stakeholders, and testing various prototypes. 


"Now you know what you get"

In my design work one insight was that if I could implement visual feedback when you get one pill out of the container, that would provide a better experience. 



From thesis to consulting

Using industrial design methods, the output of the thesis was several ways to solve dosing issues in traditional packaging. After the thesis Glenn Svedberg, managing director of Nolato Cerbo, hired me to redesign some of their existing pill containers. The collaboration lasted several years.

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